Choosing a Web Host for Your Website

Choosing a web host for your website is a tedious process. It depends on how much bandwidth, web space, and other key features that you need to make your website successful. Not getting features or paying more than you need to is bad for a new website and

Web hosts offer many different things when you are starting up your own website. Some push their features on you, and others allow you to choose if you want their extra features. Most web hosts offer hosting, domain registration, and e-mail services.

Other web hosts such as GoDaddy offer much more. GoDaddy offers online storage space, website design solutions, and search engine optimization techniques. There are other things that they offer, and if you decide to make an account with them, you will be up sold these features. However, GoDaddy is probably the cheapest hosting solution available.

On the other hand, you can get dedicated hosting from websites like HostRocket from almost $200 and up! Dedicated hosting allows you to have full use of the servers you are on, where hosts like GoDaddy use shared hosting, where many websites can be on the same server.

So now you need to find what is best for you. Do you need dedicated or shared hosting? Do you need a lot of space? I could keep going for about another page, but for time purposes, I'll stop here with this list.

If you have a simple website for yourself or a small business, shared hosting is fine. If you are planning on creating a website like CNN, you will need dedicated hosting to handle all of your traffic. With shared hosting, you share your bandwidth with other websites on that server. Normally, you won't notice it though.

Do you have a lot of content to upload? Some web hosts offer unlimited hosting on their more advanced plans, but the cheaper options put a restriction on how much information you can upload to your web space. Make sure you have enough room! But once again, if you have a website for yourself or a small business, you won't need a lot of space.

If you are planning on writing your own code for your website, make sure the web host supports each one of those programming languages. Or make sure that your plan does. Some web hosts require that you get a more expensive plan to use more programming languages.

So when you are deciding on a web host, make sure you view all of the features that each plan offers, make sure they work for your website, and most importantly, make sure you get the right web host for you. GoDaddy may be one of the cheapest options, but it is not my own personal choice of web host.

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